Virtual Research Environments

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General information
Description Collaborative research environments, based on MS SharePoint
Organisation managed collectively by Leiden University Libraries and ISSC

Type of service Storage facility
Legislation Netherlands
Usage and appreciation Ca. 30 VREs
Support organisation Leiden University Libraries

Stage in the research project During
Postion within the research process1. Creating data, 2. Processing data, 3. Analysing data
Domain 3. Shared Research Domain
Type of data 1. Raw data and data sets, 2. Data collections and structured databases, 3. Processed data and data representations
Data curation1. Create or Receive, 2. Appraise & Select, 3. Ingest
Data classification Klasse 3 voor openbare informatie, Klasse 2 voor interne informatie [voor een beperkte groep]
Administrative information
Funding Leiden University Libraries
Depositor agreement See
User agreement No
Policy UBL manages a VRE for the full duration of a research project.
Intellectual property Resides with creator of data
Data curation strategy
Target group
Faculty General
Primary target group Researchers at Leiden UniversitySee{E233FDAD-7C12-467A-A68A-2E143D73AC07}&ID=1&ContentTypeID=0x01004E0B70613F5D9A47AD340B9477C9F9BF
Secondary target group
Classification of the service
Availability The service is available 24/7
Integrity Weekly backups
Confidentiality Possibility to restrict access to confidential data sets
Accepted metadata formats No restrictions
Accepted content types Text; Audio; Video
Accepted preferred formats DANS preferred formats
Accepteerde file formats DANS preferred formats
Maximum size of deposits Ca. 5 GB
Version management Yes
Quality control No
Access requirements UCLN account is necessary
Tools / Interfaces for access
(Persistent) identifiers PIDs are only created after the files have been ingested into a LTP archive
Long term guarantees No provisions for LTPThe service mainly addresses active research projects
Complies with international standards for trusted repositories Not certified
Preservation strategy No provisions for LTP
Storage No
Access No
Preservation No
Special conditions
Agreements with Leiden University This service is available to all research teams whose PI is affiliated with UL