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General information
URL https://researchdata.4tu.nl/en/home/
Description 4TU.ResearchData, previously known as 3TU.Datacentrum, is an archive for research data. It offers the knowledge, experience and the tools to share and safely store scientific research data in a standardized, secure and well-documented manner. 4TU.Centre for Research Data provides the research community with: Advice and support on data management; A long-term archive for scientific research data; Support for current research projects; Tools for reusing research data.re3data record: http://doi.org/10.17616/R3VG6N
Organisation 4TU.ResearchData is an initiative of the three Dutch technical universities (Delft, Eindhoven, Twente), and Wageningen University (as of May 2106) and it offers the above services also to researchers at other institutions.
Type of service Storage facility
Legislation Netherlands

Usage and appreciation 7937 datasets (23-10-2018)See also: https://data.4tu.nl/repository/resource:repository/object/search?q=&cl=Dataset
Support organisation 4TU.Centre for Research Data
TU Delft Library
Prometheusplein 1
2628 ZC  Delft
T +31 (0)15 27 88 600
E researchdata@4tu.nl
Stage in the research project After
Postion within the research process4. Preserving data, 5. Giving access to data
Domain 3. Shared Research Domain, 4. Publication curation boundary, 5. Public Domain
Type of data 1. Raw data and data sets, 2. Data collections and structured databases, 3. Processed data and data representations
Data curation2. Appraise & Select, 3. Ingest, 4. Preservation action, 5. Store, 6. Acces, use and re-use
Data classification Klasse 3 voor openbare informatie, Klasse 2 voor interne informatie [voor een beperkte groep]
Administrative information
Funding Universities of Delft, Eindhoven, Twente and Wageningen

Depositor agreement Deposit license agreement

See also: https://researchdata.4tu.nl/fileadmin/editor_upload/pdf/Deposit_Guidelines/Deposit_Guidelines.pdf
User agreement In order to be registered, you must understand and accept the "3TU.Datacentrum license agreement" (PDF, English), which are based upon the "Nederlandse Gedragscode Wetenschapsbeoefening VSNU" (PDF, English), The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice.
General terms of use :
Policy 4TU.Centre for Research Data (short: 4TU.ResearchData) is a data archive for technical-scientific research data that stores data in a permanent and sustainable manner, according to the guidelines of the international Data Seal of Approval.Data collection policy: https://researchdata.4tu.nl/fileadmin/editor_upload/pdf/Collection_Policy/Data_collection_policy_march2018.pdf
Intellectual property As a data producer, you will be asked to consent to a deposit license. By doing so, you grant 4TU.ResearchData a non-exclusive licence to store the data and make them available to third parties.
When depositing your data you are required to select a licence for your data as part of the deposit process. A licence will define what others may or may not do with your data.
Read our guidance for more information on the licence types we offer.

As a data user, you should be aware of the terms of the licence mentioned on the dataset description. These terms make explicit how the dataset can be used once you have downloaded it.
Following the rules of good scientific practice you need to cite the data when being used.
Data curation strategy To enhance the chance of future interpretability of the data, 4TU.ResearchData has selected a number of preferred formats for full preservation for which it guarantees long-term usability. See also: https://researchdata.4tu.nl/en/publishing-research/data-description-and-formats/Preservation policy: https://researchdata.4tu.nl/fileadmin/editor_upload/pdf/Preservation_Plan/4TU.Preservation_Policy.pdf
Preferred file formats: https://researchdata.4tu.nl/fileadmin/editor_upload/pdf/File_formats/preffered_file_formats.pdf
Target group
Faculty Science
Primary target group Technical researchers from Delft, Eindhoven, Twente, Wageningen

Secondary target group (Technical) researchers whose institute has an agreement with 4U.ResearchData. 

Classification of the service
Availability Data are made available only if permission has been granted by the scientist storing them in 4TU.ResearchData.http://researchdata.4tu.nl/en/publishing-research/long-term-storage/
Integrity Digital preservation refers to the series of managed activities necessary to ensure continued access to digital materials beyond the limits of media failure or technological change for as long as necessary (Digital Preservation Handbook, p.24).
This preservation policy describes the digital preservation strategies and principles of the 4TU.ResearchData archive and provides transparency on the procedures involved in ensuring adequate preservation of and access to the data within the archive.
As a trusted digital repository that has received the Data Seal of Approval, 4TU.ResearchData demonstrates its long-standing good archival practice by drafting this preservation policy.
The policy is addressed to data producers and users, as well as research funders, 4TU.ResearchData staff, and other interested audiences.
Confidentiality The Repository shall make the dataset available to third parties in accordance with the access conditions agreed with the Depositor: "Open access", or the “Temporary restriction: Embargo”. (maximum embargo period is two years)

Accepted metadata formats DDI - Data Documentation Initiative
DataCite Metadata Schema
Dublin Core
RDF Data Cube Vocabulary
Accepted content types All content types
Accepted preferred formats See above, and overview here: http://researchdata.4tu.nl/en/publishing-research/data-description-and-formats/See also: https://researchdata.4tu.nl/fileadmin/editor_upload/pdf/File_formats/preffered_file_formats.pdf
Accepteerde file formats The choice of file format is of essential importance in order to ensure that the research data will remain usable and ‘legible’ in the future. 4TU.ResearchData therefore strongly encourages the use of standard, exchangeable or open file formats. For the preferred formats, 4TU.ResearchData guarantees that the research data will remain accessible and that they will be migrated or converted if necessary.

4TU.ResearchData provides two levels of support for file formats:Full preservation:
•All reasonable measures will be taken to ensure that the file formats remain legible and usable. These measures include migration, normalisation and conversion.
•Bit-level preservation: Access to the data object will be offered in the file format that was originally provided.
Maximum size of deposits Free until 10 Gb (in 2018), beyond in consultation. More than 1 Tb can be a problem.
Version management Yes
Quality control 4TU.ResearchData will check the data before publishing them to make sure all files can be opened, are in a sustainable preferred format and an explanation of the data is available to make re-use possible. Suggestions are made for additional metadata in order to increase the discoverability of your data. We do not check or judge the quality of the data. http://researchdata.4tu.nl/en/publishing-research/uploading-data/
Access requirements As a data user, you should be aware of the terms of the licence mentioned on the dataset description. These terms make explicit how the dataset can be used once you have downloaded it.
Following the rules of good scientific practice you need to cite the data when being used.
Tools / Interfaces for access Databrowser: https://data.4tu.nl/repository/
API OpenDAP: https://opendap.tudelft.nl/thredds/catalog.html 
Data sets can be found through Data Citation Index, NARCIS, Google, DataCite Metadata Search.
(Persistent) identifiers DOI
Long term guarantees 4TU.ResearchData will preserve and maintain access to your data for a minimum of 15 years.https://researchdata.4tu.nl/fileadmin/editor_upload/pdf/Preservation_Plan/4TU.Preservation_Policy.pdf
Complies with international standards for trusted repositories DSA certified
Preservation strategy See aboveSee also: https://researchdata.4tu.nl/fileadmin/editor_upload/pdf/Preservation_Plan/4TU.Preservation_Policy.pdf
Storage Costs : <10GB: free, >10GB: €4,50 per extra 1GB. Discount for partners (TUD, TU/e, UT).
See also: https://researchdata.4tu.nl/en/about-4turesearchdata/costs/
Access No
Preservation Geïntegreerd in tarief voor data opslag.
Special conditions
Agreements with Leiden University UBL data librarians collaborate closely with 3TUUBL and 4TU.ResearchData agreed on a cooperation between front-office and back-office.