Essentials 4 Data Support

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General information
Description Essentials 4 Data Support is an introductory course for those people who (want to) support researchers in storing, managing, archiving and sharing their research data.Training for data supporters and also contains useful information for researchers
Organisation Research Data NetherlandsResearch Data Netherlands is an alliance between 3TU.Datacentrum, Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) and SURFsara. With this coalition, which is also open to other parties, the three data archives join forces in the area of long-term data archiving.
Type of service Training
Legislation The Netherlands
Usage and appreciation XX
Support organisation Mission of the course : The Essentials 4 Data Support course aims to contribute to professionalization of data supporters and coordination between them. Data supporters are people who support researchers in storing, managing, archiving and sharing their research data.
Stage in the research project Before
Postion within the research process1. Creating data, 2. Processing data, 3. Analysing data, 4. Preserving data, 5. Giving access to data, 6. Re-using data
Domain -- Unknown --Not applicable
Type of data -- Unknown --
Data curation-- Unknown --
Data classification -- Unknown --Not applicable
Administrative information
Depositor agreement Not applicable
User agreement
Intellectual property
Data curation strategy
Target group
Faculty General
Primary target group Data supportersThe course focuses on anyone wanting to support researchers in storing, managing, archiving and sharing research data: a data supporter. Think, for instance, of (data) librarians, IT staff and researchers with duties involving data management.

The Essentials 4 Data Support course follows the Data Intelligence 4 Librarians course. Based on the evaluations of Data Intelligence 4 Librarians the course material has been updated, the target group has been extended and the course name has been changed. 
Secondary target group Researchers
Classification of the service
Availability Not applicable
Integrity Not applicable
Confidentiality Not applicable
Accepted metadata formats Not applicable
Accepted content types Not applicable
Accepted preferred formats Not applicable
Accepteerde file formats N.A.
Maximum size of deposits N.A.
Version management No
Quality control N.A.
Access requirements
Tools / Interfaces for access Online ; forum
(Persistent) identifiers -- Unknown --
Long term guarantees
Complies with international standards for trusted repositories
Preservation strategy
Access There are three different ways to take the course:
1.Online only (without registration)
2.Online only with user profile
3.Full course (online + face 2 face with certificate)
The online-only versions are free.
The full course costs € 495, exclusive of VAT.
Special conditions
Agreements with Leiden University N.A.
Risks N.A.