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General information
URL http://eudat.eu/services/b2stage
Description Get Data to Computation

B2STAGE is a reliable, efficient, light-weight and easy-to-use service to transfer research data sets between EUDAT storage resources and high-performance computing (HPC) workspaces.
Organisation EUDATEUDAT offers common data services, supporting multiple research communities as well as individuals, through a geographically distributed, resilient network of 35 European organisations (See EUDAT Partners). These shared services and storage resources are distributed across 15 European nations and data is stored alongside some of Europe’s most powerful supercomputers. Covering both access and deposit, from informal data sharing to long-term archiving, and addressing identification, discoverability and computability of both long-tail and big data, EUDAT’s services address the full lifecycle of research data

EUDAT receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, DG Connect e-Infrastructures Unit under contract number 654065
Type of service Storage facility
Usage and appreciation
Support organisation
Stage in the research project During
Postion within the research process2. Processing data, 3. Analysing data
Domain 1. Private Research Domain, 3. Shared Research Domain
Type of data 1. Raw data and data sets, 3. Processed data and data representations
Data curation
Data classification Klasse 3 voor openbare informatie, Klasse 2 voor interne informatie [voor een beperkte groep]
Administrative information
Depositor agreement
User agreement
Policy SURF policy and policies of local universities
Intellectual property
Data curation strategy
Target group
Faculty General
Primary target group
Secondary target group
Classification of the service
Accepted metadata formats
Accepted content types
Accepted preferred formats
Accepteerde file formats
Maximum size of deposits
Version management No
Quality control
Access requirements
Tools / Interfaces for access
(Persistent) identifiers
Long term guarantees
Complies with international standards for trusted repositories Not certified
Preservation strategy
Storage No
Access No
Special conditions
Agreements with Leiden University None