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General information
URL http://www.zenodo.org/
Description ZENODO builds and operates a simple and innovative service that enables researchers, scientists, EU projects and institutions to share and showcase multidisciplinary research results (data and publications) that are not part of the existing institutional or subject-based repositories of the research communities. ZENODO enables researchers, scientists, EU projects and institutions to: easily share the long tail of small research results in a wide variety of formats including text, spreadsheets, audio, video, and images across all fields of science. display their research results and get credited by making the research results citable and integrate them into existing reporting lines to funding agencies like the European Commission. easily access and reuse shared research results.
Organisation CERN
Type of service Storage facility
Legislation Switzerland
Usage and appreciation Currently ca. 250 communities of users, see: http://www.zenodo.org/communities/
Support organisation Support organisation can be contacted at info@zenodo.org
Stage in the research project During, After
Postion within the research process2. Processing data, 3. Analysing data, 4. Preserving data, 5. Giving access to data, 6. Re-using data
Domain 3. Shared Research Domain
Type of data 1. Raw data and data sets, 2. Data collections and structured databases, 3. Processed data and data representations
Data curation3. Ingest, 4. Preservation action, 5. Store, 6. Acces, use and re-use
Data classification Klasse 3 voor openbare informatie
Administrative information
Funding Launched within the OpenAIREplus project; funded by the European Commission (FP7). Partly financed by CERN.
Depositor agreement
User agreement See http://www.zenodo.org/terms
Policy See http://www.zenodo.org/policies
Intellectual property Resides with uploader
Data curation strategy
Target group
Faculty Science
Primary target group Engineering Sciences
Secondary target group Humanities and Social Sciences; Life Sciences; Natural Sciences
Classification of the service
Integrity The data is stored safely for the future using CERN's battle-tested repository software INVENIO used by some of the world's largest repositories such as INSPIRE HEP and CERN Document Server. The technology offered by the software covers all aspects of digital library management from document ingestion through classification, indexing, and curation to dissemination.
Confidentiality Zenodo allows for uploading under a multitude of different licenses and access levels.
Accepted metadata formats the software uses the MARC21 format by default.
Accepted content types Audiovisual data; Imagesl; Plain text; Scientific and statistical data; Standard office documents; Images
Accepted preferred formats
Accepteerde file formats All research outputs from all fields of science are welcome. In the upload form you can choose between types of files: publications (book, book section, conference paper, journal article, patent, preprint, report, thesis, technical note, working paper), posters, presentations, images (figures, plots, drawings, diagrams, photos) and videos/audio.
Maximum size of deposits Files up to 2GB
Version management Yes
Quality control Quality control is performed by communities; All uploads also go through a quick spam check by Zenodo staff
Access requirements Publicly available; closed access uploads are possible
Tools / Interfaces for access Public registry of all uploaded data sets ; API based on OAI-PMH
(Persistent) identifiers DOI
Long term guarantees
Complies with international standards for trusted repositories Developed within OpenAIRE, and, as such, endorsed by the European Union
Preservation strategy
Storage Zenodo is free for the long tail of Science. In order to offer services to the more resource hungry research, we will introduce a ceiling to the free slice and offer paid for slices above, according to the business model developed within the sustainability plan.
Access No
Special conditions
Agreements with Leiden University None