Literatuur bij de database

Aan dit project worden gaandeweg artikelen toegevoegd die ingaan op en gebruik maken van de database Nederlandse Staatscommissies. Een eerste artikel is in mei 2015 verschenen in het tijdschrift Beleid & Maatschappij
  • Kerkhoff, A. D. N., & Martina, J. (2015). Advies aan de regering: staatscommissies in Nederland tussen 1814 en 1970. Beleid & maatschappij, 42(2), 79-101. Klik hier voor het artikel

English abstract​

Articles that make use of or interact with this database will be published on this website as well. A first article has recently appeared in the journal Beleid & Maatschappij. Since it is written in Dutch, the English abstract is provided here:

"Continuing debate concerning the functioning of advisory boards to the Dutch central government seems hindered by lacking historical insight and insufficient empirical data. Especially the period until 1970 and so-called state committees (an important type of advisory board) have been neglected. This article therefore presents findings from historical research into Dutch state committees between 1814 and 1970. We provide a hitherto lacking overview of their origin, numbers, composition, functioning and topics. We also provide a first quantitative analysis to investigate the question what state committee activity tells us about continuity and change of the task perception of subsequent Dutch governments in this period. We argue that the so-called ‘night watchman state’ of the long 19th century (in which government did as least as possible) does become apparent from the number of state committees over time but that it seems never to have existed when we look at the topics they dealt with. Furthermore, the Dutch welfare state (said to have existed from the 1930s onwards) shows much less state committee activity then one would expect. We conclude with urgent questions for future research into advice and advisory boards in The Netherlands and introduce a digital database to facilitate such work​"


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